Library Science (MLS)

Academic Department: Leadership and Educational Studies

Major Code:  465*

Program Contacts

Academic Coordinator and Academic AdvisorDr. Robin 
Program ManagerLisa Houserhouserln@appstate.edu800-355-4084, ext. 2906

Academic Advisor

Responsible for providing academic program orientation to newly admitted students and academic advisement throughout the program. Works with students on submission of academic program documents (Program of Study, Admission to Candidacy, etc.)

Program Requirements:Program and concentration requirements and course descriptions are found in the Graduate Catalog. (Select the catalog that is the same as your year of entry.) For additional program information, including the curriculum timeline, tentative schedule of classes by cohort, and Library Science scholarship information, go to the Library Science page on the departmental website.

Graduate School Academic Policies and Procedures: The online graduate catalog addresses academic policies and procedures for both on and off campus graduate students.

NOTE: Please review the document titled Information for Graduate Students, available via this clickable link. You will find this document a useful resource throughout your program.


Mailing Address:
ASU Box 32054

Physical Address:
2nd Floor, University Hall
400 University Hall Drive
Boone, NC 28608

Phone: 828-262-3113
Toll-Free: 800-355-4084
Fax: 828-265-8673



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