Prospective & Returning Students

Appalachian State University offers transfer degree programs at the undergraduate level and both degree and certificate programs at the graduate level. Click on the links below to Get Started on your future today.

Interested prospects please note:  due to state authorization requirements in Alabama and Maryland, Appalachian State University does not accept applications to its online programs from individuals, regardless of residency for tuition purposes, residing in either of those states.  If you have questions, please contact your state's regulatory agency.

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Undergraduate Programs

All of Appalachian State University's undergraduate distance education programs are transfer programs and thus, offer only the upper division (junior and senior level) coursework. No freshman or sophomore courses are offered. Prospective applicants should insure that they have completed the required minimum lower division coursework at one or more regionally accredited institutions. Appalachian's general education requirement can be met by completing the Associate in Arts or the Associate in Science Degree or the 44-Hour Core through a North Carolina Community College (note: the Summer 2014 semester is the last semester in which students can begin the 44 hour transfer core, and must maintain continuous enrollment at the community college as defined by their community college). Coursework for applicants who hold associate degrees from other states will be articulated on a course-by-course basis. Prospective RN to BSN program applicants should refer to the Program Information Page for transfer information. Associate in Applied Science Degrees are not accepted for transfer, and coursework completed as part of these applied science degrees is articulated and accepted on a course-by-course basis.

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Graduate Programs

All of Appalachian State University's graduate distance education programs (whether Add-on Teacher Licensure, Certificate, or Degree) require applicants to hold a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.

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Non-Degree/Teacher Licensure Only Students (e.g., RALC)

Students admitted for the purpose of taking courses to gain teacher licensure but are not seeking a degree should review the information found on this page before requesting course registration.

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Returning Student Admission

All students who have withdrawn before completing their academic program or who have not been continuously enrolled since admission must be formally reinstated. Review the steps to readmission on the Returning Student Admission link.

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Grievance and Appeals Procedures