Proposed Undergraduate Programs

Find a preferred program(s) in the list below. Click on the program link to review a description of the program, including program specific application deadlines, the distance education admission requirements, and contact information for the distance education Program Manager.  Before beginning the application process, please review all of the important admission/application information and requirements by clicking on each of the modules (e.g, Application, Program Requirements, Gen Ed Requirements, etc.)  in the left menu bar.  When you are ready to Get Started, click on the Application link.

Appalachian State University reserves the right to cancel the start of any Distance Education program due to the lack of sufficient, sustainable enrollment (typically 15 for Graduate programs and 18 for Undergraduate programs).  In the event of a cancellation for insufficient enrollment, application fees will be refunded.  Refunds will also be issued for any tuition and fees paid by applicants.  These refund policies apply ONLY to canceled programs.   When program starts are delayed, students may opt for a refund or apply their application to the new semester.

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Read the additional important program information following this list.

Program Major Code Major Full or Part Time County Location Proposed Start Date(s)
Career and Technical Education (BS) 456 B-F Career and Technical Education FT Online N/A Fall 2016
Child Development (BS) - BK 524A Child Development PT Online N/A Fall 2016
Communication (BS) - Advertising 507A Communication FT Online N/A Fall 2016
Communication Studies (BS) 585A Communication Studies
Online Online Fall 2016
Elementary Education (BS) (FT) 441A Elementary Education FT Caldwell ASU Caldwell Fall 2016
Elementary Education (BS) (PT) 441A Elementary Education PT Burke ASU Burke Fall 2016
Elementary Education (BS) (PT) 441A Elementary Education PT Catawba ASU Hickory TBD
Elementary Education (BS) (PT) 441A Elementary Education PT Wilkes WIlkes CC TBD
Elementary Education (BS) (PT) 441A Elementary Education PT Yadkin Yadkin Center, Surry CC TBD
Health Promotion (BS) 509A Health Promotion PT Online N/A Summer 2016
Management (BSBA) 355A Management
Online N/A Spring 2016, Fall 2016
Middle Grades Education (BS) – (FT) 470* (B, C, D, E) Middle Grades Education, *Concentrations to be determined. FT Catawba ASU Hickory TBD
Middle Grades Education (BS) – (PT) 470* (B, C, D, E) Middle Grades Education, *Concentrations to be determined. PT TBD TBD
Nursing (RN-BSN) 563A Nursing PT Online N/A Fall 2016
Social Work (BSW) FT 281A Social Work FT Burke ASU Burke Fall 2017
Social Work (BSW) PT 281A Social Work PT Catawba ASU Hickory Fall 2016
Special Education (BS) - General Curriculum K-12, Adapted Curriculum K-12 478* (B, C) Special Education (*Concentrations in General Curriculum K-12 and Adapted Curriculum K-12) PT Catawba ASU Hickory Fall 2016


  • Typically, promotional meetings (i.e., information sessions) are conducted 5-10 months prior to the beginning of the proposed cohort.  The listing of information sessions currently scheduled may be found in the Distance Calendar.
  • Where no "year" is given in the Start field, a new cohort is admitted each year in the semester indicated.
  • Where no Location or Start date is provided, future locations/start dates have not been set.  Please check later for updates.
  • Applications should be completed and submitted by the deadline for the semester of entry as the decision to begin the proposed cohort will be made based on the number of applications received or in progress at that time.  Applications may be accepted after the deadline but this depends upon academic departmental deadlines and space availability.
  • Effective July 1, 2011 federal regulations will require all institutions of higher education (including Appalachian State) that deliver online instruction (whether part of an online or site-based degree program) to have written authorization from the state in which each student resides.  If you reside outside of North Carolina and intend to apply to one of Appalachian’s distance education programs, please notify the program manager (see program information page for contact info).
  • Review the tips found on this webpage (opens in a new window) for seeking and applying for transfer to the right program and institution.