Financial Information

For information about tuition, fees, and other costs associated with admission and enrollment, please click on the sub-links in the left navigation bar (under Financial Information) or on the item of interest in the list below.

Effective Fall 2011: Bills will be emailed to official student email accounts ( No paper bills will be distributed. The initial billing date will be noted on Student Accounts Important Dates web page. Following the initial billing each semester, the charges on your bill will post to your student account and changes due to new or updates to registrations will appear on the account as they occur. Parents (or guardians) who have been given access to a student's Student Account via the Parent Portal and for whom the student has provided an email account (students will enter parent email addresses via appalNET) will be notified by email that bills have been posted. Students will be able to view and print bills via AppalNET. Parents/guardians, to whom the student has granted access, will be able to view and print bills via the Parent Portal.

Tuition and Fees

Distance Education tuition and fees are charged on a per semester hour basis with some small differences (some minor fees are a single set fee and others have minor incremental increases dependent upon the number of registered hours); thus, the number of registered hours multiplied by the per-semester-hour charge shown below is approximately the cost of tuition and fees for the stated term.

Students registered for a combination of Distance Ed and Main campus courses should review the information on the "Registering for Main Campus Courses" webpage.

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Other Costs/Expenses

Prospective students should plan for costs beyond those associated with tuition and fees.  While it is impossible to list all of them, such costs may include things like applications fees and textbooks.

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Residency For Tuition Purposes

The General Statutes of the State of North Carolina govern the determination of who qualifies for in-state tuition rates. The determination is made by the Registrar's Office at Appalachian State University, according to the N.C. General Statutes, based on the information supplied by the applicant on his/her application.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to Appalachian State's distance education students under the same guidelines, rules, and process that apply to on-campus students.

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Veterans Benefit/Military Tuition

The North Carolina General Statutes provide for a military tuition rate to qualified members of the U.S. armed forces and their qualified dependents that is less than the non-resident tuition rate charged to out-of-state students. Applicants must meet the criteria established for qualification in order to be eligible.

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Reduction Course Drop/Withdrawal Refunds

Students who are contemplating drop/withdrawal and who receive Financial Aid should review the FinAid withdrawal policies for the impact of this action on any financial aid which they receive. Under certain circumstances drop and/or withdrawal from courses may result in required repayment of funds received.

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